Bengali bridal jewellery collection: Amazing ways to mix & match 

Bengali bridal jewellery collections are known for their elegant and unique look. Their jewellery collections mainly compose of pure gold necklaces, bangles, earrings, nose pins and many more. However, there are ways in which we can mix and match these jewellery collections to complete the whole bridal look.

Some authentic Bengal bridal jewellery collection to get that bridal look

One of the best bridal jewellery showrooms in Kolkata gives a glimpse of some popular pieces that brides can include in their attire.

  1. Nose ring: Popularly known as the Nath is an essential item in a Bengali bride jewellery collection. The Nath can be worn with a large chain or as a single piece. Also, those who don’t have nose piercings can wear clip-on nose rings.
  2. Maang Tikka: Traditional brides used to wear only gold Maang Tikka, but nowadays, brides prefer Polkas and Kundan as a part of a contemporary trend.
  3. Bangles: Bridal jewellery sets are incomplete without bangles. They are quintessential for every Bengali bride. There are numerous options, like gold bangles, metal bangles, and stone studded bangles. Brides can wear them with traditional pieces like choor, shakha pola, which look absolutely stunning.
  4. Necklace: Also known as haar, is a delicate and intricate design piece. As a part of contemporary trend, some brides can wear Polka and Kundan which are becoming popular. Others still prefer to wear traditional collections like Sita haar, long gold necklace and gold choker.
  5. Anklets or paayal: Anklets are worn by brides to add glamour to their Mehendi-adorned feet. Anklets have various options ranging from thin chains or heavy stone studded work.
  6. Bracelets: Traditional brides used to wear pure gold Haath Patti. But now, Haath Patti made up of flowers, and metal chains, are in trend. They look beautiful and adorn the wrist.
  7. Earrings: Jhumkas are a must for new brides. Traditional layered jhumkas look evergreen, but more recent options like crystal chandelier earrings look stunning too.

Tips for mixing and matching Bengali bridal jewellery collection according to your dress. 

One of the best bridal jewellery shops in Kolkata says that a dress is the main thing in a wedding that completes the whole bridal look. Jewellery sets must be styled according to the dress. Here are some tips you can follow.

  1. Simplicity is the key. While choosing jewellery, you must ensure that it does not outshine the wedding dress or your look. Rather than wearing large pieces, choose several key pieces to make the look more elegant.
  2. Balancing the collection: Wearing jewellery is an art. So balance it in the proper way. For instance, if you are wearing a heavy neckpiece, try to choose a more petite earring and vice versa. Another example is, if you prefer to wear bracelets and rings, wear them on both hands.


Wedding day is one the most special events of one’s life. Bengali weddings are known for their antique look inherited generation after generation. A bride looks more elegant with the right set of bridal jewellery. There are several trending options available to choose from. So make sure you pick the one that suits your dress and look.