A piece of jewellery can hold different meanings for different people—some see it as just another accessory, while for others, it is a part of their identity. At Rahul Jewellery, the best diamond jewellery showroom in Kolkata, diamonds symbolize supreme perfection and illumination. These multifaceted light crystals disperse energy into brilliant prisms, embodying purity, love, fidelity and trust. Our exclusive collection, hallmarked with 750 (18Ct.), includes necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and pendants, renowned for their vibrant appearance and trendy designs. Discover diamond rings starting from INR 20,000, Diamond Noa from INR 55,000 and designer diamond pendant set from INR 25,000.

Diamond Pendant

Diamond pendants are popular among women but can be tricky to style with party wear. Choose a trendy design for parties instead of classic shapes like hearts or petals to go with the trend and exude grace every second.

Diamond Rings

You don’t need to be engaged or married to wear a diamond ring. While many wear gold or silver rings, a diamond ring makes a lasting impression. It complements any attire and is suitable for both men and women. Diamond rings with double bands are especially eye-catching, perfect for celebrations. Consider visiting Rahul Jewellery, the best diamond jewellery store in South Kolkata, to find the perfect piece.

Diamond Stud Earrings

A must-have from Rahul Jewellery, the best diamond jewellery shop in South Kolkata, offers diamond stud earrings to effortlessly enhance any outfit. Perfect for last-minute party prep, just pair them with a lovely dress to look stunning. Explore styles beyond the classic round studs, like floral, heart-shaped and butterfly-shaped designs at our shop.