Diamond rings hold a special place in our hearts, symbolizing love, commitment and extraordinary elegance. Jewellery designers of the best diamond jewellery shop in Kolkata suggest the latest trends in diamond ring designs to purchase the perfect engagement ring, anniversary gift or statement piece for your loved ones. 

 Here is a breakdown of some of the best diamond jewellery ring designs of 2024:

1. Classic Solitaire Rings: Classic Solitaire rings continue to reign supreme in 2024. A single dazzling diamond set on a sleek band exudes glamour, making them a perfect choice for engagements and special occasions. Designers of solitaire rings precisely prioritize qualities like clarity, cut and colour rather than relying solely on carat weight. While various diamond shapes can suit a solitaire ring— including emerald, princess, cushion, oval and even heart-shaped round brilliant cut diamonds, remain the most favoured choice.

2. Halo Engagement Rings: Halo engagement rings remain popular for brides-to-be in 2024. With smaller diamonds surrounding a central stone, these rings create a mesmerizing effect, adding extra sparkle and dimension to the overall design. Choose from various designs, including round, cushion and pear-shapes, to suit your taste.

3. Vintage-Inspired Rings: Vintage-inspired diamond rings are coming back in 2024, offering nostalgic charm with a modern twist. With intricate accents, these rings capture the romance of bygone eras while incorporating contemporary designs for an unforgettable appeal. You can also customize your vintage or heirloom diamond rings with a different design adorned in gold or platinum from the store that offers the best wedding jewellery packages in Kolkata

4. Unique Diamond Shapes: In 2024, various diamond shapes are gaining popularity, offering an alternative to traditional round-cut stones. Explore unique shapes like oval, emerald and more, which add a distinctive flair to your ring.

5. Stackable Rings: Stackable diamond rings are a must-have accessory for those who love to mix and match in 2024. Thinner and more delicate than traditional styles, stackable rings allow for layering without overwhelming your finger. Their beauty lies in versatility, enabling the mixing and matching of various metals and gemstones for a coordinated or contrasting effect. Stackable rings are often more affordable than larger and more intricate ring designs, making them a budget-friendly option for those looking to build a collection over time.


Explore exquisite rings crafted with precision and passion from the best diamond jewellery shop in Kolkata. Find the perfect diamond ring for your loved one and let their fingers sparkle with the finest designs of 2024.