If you are an Indian bride wondering which jewellery pieces will go well with your wedding attire, you have come to the right place. We will discuss below the top five essential bridal jewellery pieces that will make you look elegant and graceful on your big day.

Top five unique bridal jewellery pieces

According to a seller from the top bridal jewellery shop in Kolkata, these are the five best types of wedding jewellery.

  • Rani Haar:

Rani Haar has been popular among Indian brides for decades. Hence, if you want to wear something that will turn heads, this majestic and regal necklace is just the one for you. Moreover, they are studded with rubies, diamonds, and emeralds that altogether make you look and feel like a royal bride.

  • Maang tikka:

Maang tikkas are worn at the parting of the hair, and they carry an old-world charm with them. When buying a maang tikka, you can choose from different styles. However, it is important for you to keep in mind the size of your forehead before you end up choosing one.

If your forehead is broad, a heavy maang tikka will be a perfect choice. On the other hand, a light maang tikka will be suitable if your forehead is on the smaller side. In case you want to upgrade to something more elaborate, Matha Patti will be the best option, as it has embellished chains on each of its sides.

  • Kamarbandh

Kamarbandhs are ornamental waistbands. They can be thin, beaded, or layered and come in varying designs and lengths. You can wear it on the day of your wedding to beautify and highlight your waistline.

  • Toe rings and anklet

Most Indian brides apply Alta or mehendi on their feet before their wedding. To complement these designs, they wear toe rings and anklets. Hence, if you are getting married soon, make sure to check them out.

  • Hathphool

You can adorn your hands with hathphools. They not only beautify your hands but, at the same time, they make your fingers look graceful. You can pair your hathphool with a ring that matches its design.

We have discussed the best bridal jewellery pieces that will make your wedding look stand out. So, ensure to buy these ornaments when you start shopping for your wedding.