Do you want to wear vintage jewellery for a special occasion? Or do you want to curate your own collection of vintage jewelleries? Here we have listed the important things to consider when buying vintage ornaments from a gold jewellery shop in gariahat, kolkata.

What to consider when buying vintage jewellery?

Check the setting:

Though these jewelleries at first glance may look perfect, you need to check its setting to ensure that it is in perfect condition. To do this, gently push the ornament in different areas to see whether you can detect any movement. If you find any, get it fixed by the jewellery shop from where you are buying the ornament and try to negotiate the price.

Look at the gemstones:

As per gold jewellery sellers, you must look at the gemstones present in vintage ornaments before you decide to buy them. For instance, you can check for chipped, damaged, or cracked gemstones. Some jewellers might use some resin to camouflage damages; however, it can still leave the internal structure of the gemstone weak. So, get it properly examined before you purchase it.

Get it cleaned:

Another clever trick to check for damages is to get the jewellerie cleaned. In this way, you will be able to discern damages or dirt present in the ornament.

Give it a makeover:

Many vintage ornaments just require a bit of polishing to look truly ravishing, so consider giving it a makeover once you decide to buy a vintage jewellery piece. In addition, you can also repurpose it and turn it into something entirely new. If you want, you can do this with diamonds and rare gemstones. By blending the old and the new, your vintage ornament will look more beautiful than it was before.

Know the basics:

If you have knowledge of gemstone quality and the four C’s of diamonds, you can assess the quality of the stone present in the vintage jewellery by yourself. Moreover, if you are a connoisseur of vintage jewellery, this knowledge will benefit you when you make similar purchases in the future.

We have discussed all the things that you need to keep in mind while buying vintage jewellery from a gold jewellery showroom. Hence, consider these points the next time you buy old, vintage ornaments.